Developing project proposals

If you’re preparing a project proposal and would like to address questions related to soil quality and or plant pathology, I can provide you with fresh ideas. In addition, I can help you elaborate these ideas in a scientific context, or a more applied context. I’ve written a large number of successful proposals for both universities and businesses.

Assessing soil quality problems and developing improvement plans

Poor crop growth and persistent puddles on the soil surface are the first indicators of problems with soil quality. In some cases the solution is obvious, but more often a thorough investigation is needed. I can provide you with guidance and frameworks for soil assessment and improvement plans.

Diagnosing crop growth problems of unknown cause

If your crop is growing poorly and you can’t figure out why, I can help you identify the causes – and solutions. I know the laboratories and analyses you need and how to interpret the analysis results. I offer similar assistance to plant scientists who encounter poor plant growth in their experiments.

Providing expertise on ecology of plant pathogens

If you have any questions about plant pathogens, I can provide up-to-date expertise on disease management, epidemiology, distribution, and inactivation conditions (e.g. during composting).

Identification of rust fungi

I’m an expert in taxonomic identification of all rust diseases. See my page on rust fungi.

Evaluating the efficacy of soil conditioners such as biostimulants

If you have problems with soil-borne diseases, your choice of pesticides is limited. Alternative products such as biostimulants are increasingly used, but their efficacy is often far from clear. I can separate fact from fable and provide you with advice on how to test these products in practice.

Providing advice on soil quality and plant pathogens in a legal context

Based on my broad expertise I can give advice when you have questions about the accuracy of measurements or the interpretation of test results in soil and crop assessments, or the liability of suppliers in case of diseased or poorly growing plant material.

Giving presentations on soil quality, plant pathogens, soil biology, and wild mushrooms

I enjoy giving presentations on a variety of topics, including soil biology, soil improvement, and ecology of plant pathogens.